Guesthouse (Bujtina)

Red Rose Guesthouse

Red Rose (Guesthouse)

Golem, Durrës, Albania
The Red Rose guesthouse is located in the Golem area, 10 km from the Port of Durres and 40 km from the Airport   More info
Bujtina Sidheri

Bujtina Sidheri (Guesthouse)

Korçë, Albania
Sidheri Lodge is located in Korça and offers all the comfort you need for your holidays More info
Bujtina Vuktilaj

Bujtina Vuktilaj (Guesthouse)

Vermosh,Shkodër, Albania
Vuktilaj Lodge is located in the village of Veromsh of Shkodra and is a warm family home where More info
Bujtina Ahmetaj

Bujtina Ahmetaj (Guesthouse)

Gjirokastër, Albania
Bujtina Ahmetaj is located in the historical city of Gjirokastra, near the "Qafa e Pazarit". She welcomes tourists More info
Bujtina Vasili

Bujtina Vasili (Guesthouse)

Korçë, Albania
Vasili Lodge is located in city of Korça and offers everything you need for your holidays. More info
Park Blini

Park Blini

Shkodër, Albania
Park Blini is located in the city of Shkodra and offers a range of services that will make it stand out More info
Bujtina Lëpushë

Bujtina Lëpushë (Guesthouse)

Lëpushë, Shkodër, Albania
Lëpushë Lodge is located in Lepushë, Shkodër and offers a very quality service More info
Bujtina Lekaj

Bujtina Lekaj (Guesthouse)

Curraj i Poshtëm, Albania
Lodge Lekaj is located in the village of Curraj i Poshtëm and is built in the shape of a tower, More info