Albatros Hotel

Albatros Hotel

Shkëmbi i Kavajës, Durrës, Albania
Albatros Hotel is located on the coast of Durrës, 44 km from the Port of Durres and 70 km More info
Buna Park

Buna Park

Shkodër, Albania
Buna Park Hotel is located in the city of Shkodra and offers economical prices. Mostly are for More info
Cavalioti Hotel

Cavalioti Hotel

Voskopojë, Korçë, Albania
Cavalioti Hotel is located in the tourist village of Voskopoja, in the city of Korça. His architecture is More info
Hotel - Rezidenca Desaret

Hotel - Residence Desaret

Berat, Albania
Desaret Hotel is one of the most well-known hotels in the city of Berat and is only a few meters away More info
Hotel Alvida

Alvida Hotel

Prizren, Kosovë
Alvida Hotel is located in the historic city of Prizren and offers a range of varied offerings More info
Hotel Argjiro

Argjiro Hotel

Gjirokastër, Albania
Argjiro Hotel is located in the heart of the historic center of Gjirokastra. The service is More info
Hotel Bacelli

Bacelli Hotel

Voskopojë, Korçë, Albania
Bacelli Hotel is located in Voskopojë and has a very friendly staff. Here you will find traditional rooms More info
Hotel Belagrita Palace

Belagrita Hotel

Berat, Albania
Belagrita Palace is a four-star luxury hotel at the entrance of Berat. He offers  More info
Hotel Ble Ble

Ble Ble Hotel

Vlorë, Albania
Ble Ble Hotel is located in the city of Vlora and offers a host of rooms. At this hotel you will have the opportunity More info
Hotel Blendi

Blendi Hotel

Shkëmbi i Kavajës, Durrës, Albania
Blendi Hotel is located on Shkëmb of Kavaja, only 50 m away from the sea,11 km from Port of Durres More info
Hotel Boston

Boston Hotel

Sarandë, Albania
Boston Hotel is located in the city of Saranda and offers rooms with views of the Ionian coast. From the window More info
Hotel Dea

Dea Hotel

Pogradec, Albania
Dea Hotel is located in Pogradec offers a relaxing environment. Here you will find More info