The trip starts at the bus stop in Durres. Around 07:30 the group meets with the guide; during this time the guide makes a short description of itinerary.At 8:00, we leave for the historical city of Kruje.After a few moments we have a short stop at "Nord Park" Complex.

At 10:00 we are walking on the cobblestone of Kruja city which is located below the Sari-Salltik Mountain. Here we will be able to see some of Albania's cultural beauties.

The first visit we will make to Kruja Castle is one of the pride of all Albanians. For 25 years 25 years clog Ottoman hordes aimed at Europe. What makes the castle more impressive is the architecture since it is built in elliptical form and has nine the watchtower. This fortress was built in the V-VI century BC. The footprints of the nearby civilization are earlier and date back to the III century BC. Inside the castle there is also the National Museum Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeu where many documents and items have been exhibited to this day, this museum is divided into several pavilions that give short snapshots from each historical period by starting from antiquity.

After the museum we will visit   Hammam  which is the most modern for the time, it has four rooms, one of which is a room for dressing, an intermediate room with a trace of a bath, and then there are two washrooms each with a bathtub. Here it seems how modern this castle was and how well planned.

At the exit of the castle is also the Old Bazaar characteristic of this city. From both sides it is lined with shops that expose the handicrafts of the area.

While maintaining deep in our memory, images that gave us our journey on Kruja, return on Durres with photo albums that we have made during our visit to the historical city



In this tour you will visit:

  • Kruja Castle
  • National Museum Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeu
  • Old Bazaar

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