The trip starts at the bus stop in Durres. Around 07:30 the group meets with the guide; during this time the guide makes a short description of itinerary. At 8:00, we leave for the city of Shengjin. After half an hour we have a short stop at "Nord Park" Complex.

After that we will visit the  Patok Lagoon, the largest complex of habitats in Albania. According to studies conducted in this lagoon it is said that after a few years we will have the opportunity to see a different view of the lagoon because one is an active formation process; this is an information for geomorphology worshipers. Biologists, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to see a variety of plants, both aquatic and terrestrial, beginning with underwater meadows and ending with the flora around this area, if we are lucky to look at the brown and green algae which are typical for this area. If we leave a little further we will have the opportunity to visit the Fushë-Kuqe Forest, where we will see the white poplar which is not found in many areas in Albania. Fishermen lovers here will have the opportunity to fish fresh fish of different species, so do not wait any longer but visit this lagoon. Green turtles and water turtles are the amphibians that are mostly found in this lagoon. So if you want to get familiar with nature this place is the best!

The other lagoon to visit is that of Kune-Vain-Tale which consists of a lagoon system that connected to each other by the Drin and Mat river. Flora and fauna are varied this is the another reason for visiting this area. Within this lagoon we have also the Kashta a wetland and the Drini Riva, which are also proclaimed natural monuments. The landscape that this lagoon offers is impressive and should not be missed for any reason. If desired, we can have lunch at the resort nearby.

Shengjin is one of the most visited beaches in Albania due to the beauty that it offers. Recently it is highly appreciated for the quality of sand it offers. Only this area is made up of two other smaller beaches around it.

While maintaining deep in our memory, images that gave us our trip on Shengjin, return on Durres with photo albums that we have made during our visit to the historical city.


In this tour you will visit:

  • Shëngjin city
  • Patok Lagoon
  • Kune-Vain-Tale Lagoon

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This tour is organized for groups of over 20 people.
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