The trip starts at the bus stop in Durres. Around 07:30 the group meets with the guide; during this time the guide makes a short description of itinerary. At 8:00, we leave for the historical castle of Prezës.

In addition to the Peza Castle we will have the opportunity to relax in the quiet nature that this area offers. At first we will visit Kalanë e Prezës one of the most famous forts of that period built by the Muzakaj tribe. All we know about this building is the fact that its construction has undergone four phases: fortification, reconstruction, constructions made within the castle and the final construction of a clock tower. The most numerous data to come to us from the writings of Marlin Barletit but they are opposed by some anonymous articles of the same period which says that during the siege of Kruja this fortress was plagued, which means that it was destroyed since the beginning of wars between Albanians and Ottomans and recent interventions were made after the Ottoman conquest. This fortress should be visited to see the intertwining and coexistence between nature and history.

After visiting the castle we can consume lunch at one of the nearby restaurants. While maintaining deep in our memory, images that gave us our journey on Peza, return on Durres with photo albums that we have made during our visit to the historical castle.



In this tour you will visit Peza Castel.

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This tour is organized for groups of over 20 people.
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