The trip starts at the bus stop in Durres. Around 07:30 the group meets with the guide; during this time the guide makes a short description of itinerary. At 8:00, we leave Karavasta Lagoon.

Divjakë- Karavasta National Park The most spectacular of this lagoon and this park is Curly Pelican, about 5% of the global population of this species live here. They build their nest in the small islands around the Lagoon which we can see a few moments later. Also during the walk in this park, we will look at other species that are at risk of disappearing (allegedly in the near future we will have the opportunity to see only in photographs of scientific journals or in a museum). What will make us more impressed in this park is the fact that we will be amazed at the natural beauty and away from the noise of the city.

During this time we choose the environment we will have lunch if we have agreed earlier if we will arrange it in the form of a picnic if we do not dine at a nearby restaurant.

Another sign that we will visit after lunch is also the Church of St. Thanas or otherwise named "Red Church." The Orthodox Church was built in 1700 and has many craftsmanships by Gjergj and Joan Katro. At the very bottom this church was reconstructed and opened to visitors as well as the Monument of Culture due to its architectural and iconographic values. It is currently dressed in scenes from the Old Testament where the first sin between Adam and Eve is presented.

With wonderful pictures and unforgettable memories, we return to the city of Durres.


In this tour we will visit:

  • Karavasta Lagoon
  • Church of St. Thanas

Available departures

This tour is organized for groups of over 20 people.
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